Tame the Madness and Enjoy the Holiday

The American holiday of Thanksgiving is only 3 days away….what are your plans?  Chances are that they will center around preparing, traveling, visiting and, of course, the inevitable EATING. Somehow this day seems to have become the biggest eating day of the year! If just thinking about all the things you have to do to get ready makes you stressed out before you even begin, take heart….it truly can be a relaxing and enjoyable time if you set it up to be.

For many years I started preparing for Thanksgiving Day several weeks in advance; lists of menu options, guest lists, preparation timelines and such overflowed my desk starting from the beginning of the month.  Then one year, I had surgery the week before and found myself without the normal lag time to prepare;  I was released from the hospital only a few days before and had been so sick prior, that my desk was devoid of my typical planning lists; I actually thought we’d have to cancel the “big feast”.

It was that year that I realized that you don’t NEED to take weeks to prepare; with some careful planning, a little preparation and keeping yourself focused, one really only needs a short period of time to prepare for the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving (or any other for that matter) wherever you are.  I still use lists to get ready, but they are in a much more streamlined fashion to getting everything accomplished where the timeframe can be changed to even prepping the day of if need be.  I’d like to share the Ready, Set, Go! method I use to tame the holiday madness so that you, too, can enjoy ANY holiday in the truest spirit it is intended!

Click Here for the 3 Step Approach to Taming the Holiday Madness.

The year that I was recovering and learned my valuable lesson was the time that the turkey wasn’t the most beautifully dressed and the table wasn’t expertly decorated, but a memorable holiday meal and Thanksgiving was forever etched in our memory banks with the helping hands of many.  It turned out to be one of the most rewarding days my family ever spent together because we set it up to be by staying focused on what it was all about and who we were with rather than what it looked like or tasted like (even though that was great too)!

So to you and yours, wishing you a wonderful, and meaningful holiday!



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