3 Step Approach to Taming the Holiday Madness


With our READY, SET, GO! Method



Start the process by breaking it down into manageable chunks and creating some lists.  Lists might seem tedious, but they serve two valuable functions: they allow all the information swirling in your head to be planted into one spot and they allow you to focus on the information you need when you need it.  Here’s an example:

  • If you’re cooking, plan a menu so you can create a grocery list to make shopping a breeze.
  • If you’re entertaining, create a list of things that need to get done in order to entertain (i.e., clean the frig, clean the house).  Click here to read our Simple Steps to Organizing Your Refrigerator.
  • If you’re traveling, create a packing list to make the preparations quicker and easier.  Click Here for Sample Lists.
  • If you’re visiting and need to bring something, write down a list of ingredients or what you need to take so that you don’t forget anything before getting in the car.

Once you have your lists (and they don’t have to be long), you will be able to concentrate and focus on exactly how to go about getting the tasks accomplished.

2.  GET SET  

You’re now READY, but how are you going to GET SET and get your tasks accomplished?  A great tool to use is a timeline.  One can be created from the list you made above; consider it your roadmap that details what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.  The best way to start a timeline is to work backwards from the day/time of your final event.  Here’s an example:

Day of the event: create 1 hour blocks of time and fill in the tasks that need to be completed.

One day prior to event: create 4 hour blocks of time and fill in the tasks that need to be completed.

Several days prior to event: Create half day blocks of time and fill in the tasks that need to be completed.

One week prior to event: Create whole day blocks of time and fill in the tasks that need to be completed.

Click Here for a sample of a more detailed timeline.

3. GO

Now that you have a list of what needs to get done and a timeline of when it needs to be done, you’re ready to set it all in motion and keep focused on the actions that will move you forward.  So, onward you shall GO!

Remember not to include too many tasks at once and be flexible about what you get accomplished.  Also, consider including others in your preparation; people love to participate when they attend events – it makes them feel more a part of the world they are visiting.  It may be nice to have a perfectly set table with a scrumptuous meal awaiting your guests arrival, but it doesn’t always make them feel a part of something. So hand your guests an apron, get them in the kitchen or dining room and create a feeling of inclusion.  It just may turn out to be a holiday that stands out in the memory books and be the most rewarding!

Try something new this year and use the Get Ready, Set, Go! method to approaching the holiday and taming the madness. Simplify your planning, maintain focus and be flexible with your preparation so that you, too, will be able to enjoy AND relax during this holiday.  It just may be your most rewarding one ever!  Don’t forget to  drop us a comment and let us know what you’re doing this year and how it all went.  HAPPY HOLIDAY!