For the Small Business Owner

As a Small Business Owner


  • Find yourself losing valuable time searching for files or important client details because the information is buried deep within the piles of papers?
  • Waste valuable time by frequently getting up from your work station to retrieve something elsewhere in your office because your furniture layout isn’t efficient?
  • End up losing money with your inventory instead of making it by ordering excess inventory because you didn’t know what was in stock?
  • Want your employees to follow certain procedures, but just haven’t gotten around to writing them down in one place?


A Business Office Needs

to run efficiently and effectively and can only do so when it is laid out in a well organized space, utilizes systemized procedures and processes, incorporates a well designed filing system, maintains an accurate inventory control and has a well trained staff with clear guidelines and job descriptions.  I can analyze your office space, filing system and procedures to create a plan to maximize its overall efficiency, help you develop clear job descriptions, work policies and manuals and set up an effective inventory management system.


  • Space Design/layout (including furniture/equipment purchasing)
  • File System Development, Reorganization and Management
  • Create or Re-establish Electronic Organizing Systems
  • Create or Re-establish Efficient Storage Systems
  • Inventory Management Systems/Storage
  • Create Processes for Productive Work Flow
  • Teach employee Time-management Processes
  • Develop Procedural Manuals and Job Descriptions


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