Lynn Spiro

Hello.  I am Lynn Spiro, owner of Lynn Spiro & Company and a Professional Organizer.  I’d like to tell  you a little bit about myself so you can get to know me better.

I am an energetic and enthusiastic individual who loves a challenge and has a deep desire to help others.  I am so lucky to be a part of a profession that embraces my talents as a problem solver.  I am thrilled that I can use my innate talent to process the how and why of a situation, figure out what is not working and develop a solution to fix it every day that I organize.  I find so much satisfaction that I am able to take that solution and help others overcome their organizing challenges and create order in their life.

I come to this industry after 33 years of working in a variety of professional environments: corporate, non-profit and small business.  The variety of skills I developed from these different environments allows me to bring a vast array of experience to my clients including a specialty in project organization and management, event coordination and working directly with families to coordinate life cycle events: religious, marriage and death.  After stepping away for a short time from managing others’ businesses, I took time out from my professional life to re-evaluate my priorities and decide on a new career path.  I felt this was would be a good time to combine my business management background with my innate organizing talents and abilities and open my own business.  Thus, I founded Lynn Spiro & Company in early 2011 and have been working hard since then to build the company one step at a time.

I approach working with clients in the same way I approach everything else in my life: with enthusiasm, commitment (to doing a great job) and dedication (to working until a project is complete).  I will listen with great understanding to your challenges, I will analyze your individual space and needs and I will create a comprehensive plan to create order based on your personality and lifestyle.  I will then lead you carefully through the decluttering process and any system implementation with a guiding hand and encourage you to take things one step at a time while always remaining focused on the plan created to bring order into your world.  Once order is established to your satisfaction, I will complete the project by teaching you how to maintain the order in your space for long term success.

I consider it a privilege to share my personal experience and professional skills with you.  I look forward to solving your organizing challenges and working with you to bring order into your world.  My ultimate goal is to create order in your life that will bring you a greater ease of living and more enjoyment.  I invite you to contact me for your complimentary phone consultation today.


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