My Photo Journey of the Country Living Magazine Fair 2013

Recently, I had lost a little of my focus after having been sick with a cold for a week; I wasn’t sure how to find my mojo again, so I did what everybody does when they want help finding an answer – I asked my Facebook fans!  A recurring answer was to go somewhere that helps you clear your mind and I had the perfect place just a few minutes away.  I put aside my to-do list this weekend, hopped in the car and headed across the river to Rhinebeck, NY, where Country Living Magazine was holding their vintage flea market for the first time at this new venue location.

And, boy, was I ever glad!

It was an awesome day filled with traipsing through stalls of fantastic vintage chic treasures, meeting lots of different vendors and artists and listening to an awesome group of ladies from “Sisters on the Fly”.  I thought you might like to share in some of the highlights from my experience – come join me for a photo journey of this awesome outdoor event!

Opening to Sisters on the Fly RV Exhibit

The fair started with the delightful Sisters on the Fly exhibit of ol’ time renovated RVs displaying cute vintage sale items.  I remembered hearing about this group, adventurous women vacationing in the outdoors with renovated RVs all on their own, but couldn’t recall the particulars. (I found out more later in the day.)  We didn’t linger long as we were anxious to get closer to all of the awesome vendors and merchandise.


As we continued, there were so many gems along the way…starting with a little glimpse into the past as well as a science & history lesson where we found out how old-time glass automobile batteries were used.  Who would have thought!

Old Time Automobile Batteries


Moving along, we encountered

 the quintessential vintage sale vignettes…

IMG_20130608_130008_554     IMG_20130608_130035_002    IMG_20130608_130058_082

and old era-like jewelry.

           IMG_20130608_153703_717    IMG_20130608_130231_953    IMG_20130608_130302_292

As we moved through the covered stalls filled with the colorful displays everywhere, we came into the building with Americana items….a little slice of heaven showcasing items from all over our country that evoke so many memories of our past.

The bike from an era gone by


the handcrafted americana art

 IMG_20130608_132949_555 IMG_20130608_132754_628

and the items that showcase our country’s heritage

IMG_20130608_155101_337 IMG_20130608_155234_093

After a short break sipping old-fashioned lemonade, we strolled onward…

enjoying the warm sun as we gazed upon the outdoor displays of repurposed everyday items

IMG_20130608_133116_729  IMG_20130608_133226_140  IMG_20130608_133152_528  IMG_20130608_153316_931

and heading down the path to find some more wonderful treats.

Whether it was a little something from the Provence of France such as vintage home goods, lacy textiles swaying in the breeze or a french provincial vignette

IMG_20130608_134050_035     IMG_20130608_134041_349    IMG_20130608_134020_525

or lovingly handcrafted items right from our very own backyard,

IMG_20130608_134329_204     IMG_20130608_153935_624     IMG_20130608_155523_456

there was a plethora of beauty for everyone.

From the unusual …. 3 floor, 36 room bed & breakfast for birds

IMG_20130608_154941_485          IMG_20130608_154930_236

to the whimsy of a windchime created from old utensils;


and back to something unexpected –

IMG_20130608_133918_392   who knew a light fixture could be made out of burlap?

Everywhere you turned, there was an explosion of creativity, nostalgia and charm.  We didn’t only spend a lot of time browsing, though.  We also spent lots of time gabbing with artisans, from all over, who love to share not only their techniques, but the unique stories behind their art like:

  • Kathryn Kosto from, right here in our very own state of New York, who loves to tell the story of poetry through collages created out of vintage textiles and memorabilia
  • to Mike Rawson from, an amazing wood-carver donating proceeds to cancer from Ohio and
  • Ryan McPhail from, again from New York, who creates amazing tables of states carved out of wood.

No matter who they were, they loved to share their skill, passion and creativity.

But I couldn’t let this post end without highlighting our favorite vendor of the fair, Sweeter Than The Tea, who had these wonderfully repurposed mason & canning jars.

IMG_20130608_153437_948  IMG_20130608_153647_035 (1)  IMG_20130608_153617_172 (1)  IMG_20130608_153609_416    IMG_20130608_153638_739

Our spectacular day ended by re-visiting the Sisters On The Fly exhibit (read all about them here) and chatting with several RV-ers who described the amazing journey to customize their vintage accommodations.

 IMG_20130608_163356_672     IMG_20130608_163352_855

The day was amazingly wonderful and words (and pictures) cannot adequately describe it.  What started out as an activity designed to refocus my tired brain became a memorable life experience and something that inspired me to look for the next vintage fair!  I think a vacation is now in order and definitely one with a vintage fair will be on the horizon.

If you’ve visited somewhere recently that inspired you, helped you refocus or brought you great joy, please share it belowIt might inspire someone else!

4 thoughts on “My Photo Journey of the Country Living Magazine Fair 2013

    • Hi Eric.
      Thanks for commenting and appreciating the post. Repurpose is my new mantra….I love the history of the old being used in the new century. Kind of cool, isn’t it?


    • Michelle,

      Your most welcome. I’ve always dreamed of having an old farm house with large windows, creaking floors and charming details, but then I quickly remember the other side of the coin…poor plumbing, little heat and inefficient windows – wouldn’t it be nice to have the old with new inside?

      Here’s to dreaming!

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