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RECIPE for a Successful Yard Sale

Have you seen all the yard sale signs lately and thought you’d love to have one, but just don’t know how to get started?  Yard sales are a great way to dispose of items you no longer use AND make some extra cash.  The fall is a wonderful time of year to have a yard sale since the weather is cooler and it’s so nice to be outside.  Gather the ingredients listed here and read on for instructions on how to cook up a great yard sale!  Remember…

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”


  • All the junk that can fit in your home/garage
  • Sprinkling of creative writing
  • Small amount of organization
  • A little bit of elbow grease
  • Strategic setup
  • and a Bucketful of patience


PICK A DATE:  The fall brings an increase in community activities and you don’t want to compete with those events. Check out the community calendar for your area in advance as well as the local upcoming forecast to set a great date.

WHAT’S IN A DAY: Yard sales used to be held primarily on weekends, but times have changed.  Try scheduling your sale for a Friday (all day) to attract veteran sale goers and half day Saturday (starting early) to draw in the working crowd.  Skip Sunday altogether – people are usually attending church or other family activities.

GETTING THE WORD OUT:  Advertising might seem like an extra expense at first, but it is worth it in the end.    Contact your local newspaper at least two weeks in advance to find out their deadline and guidelines.  Keep your ad short and to the point by using simple & straightforward language.

A NEW WORD OF MOUTH: Incorporate online avenues for advertising your sale.  Advertise the sale AND large ticket items (furniture/equipment) on Craigslist or Ebay. Pass the word along social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.  Enlist your friends to help you; they can be a great sales force!

CHOOSE WISELY:  Not all items in a yard sale will generate revenue. Items that can’t be washed or are outdated won’t sell quickly or for a good price.  Stick with popular selling items like knick-knacks, dishware, books, clothing, small appliances and children’s clothing or toys.

You gotten a good start to making your yard sale recipe: you’ve decided when to have it, assembled your ingredients and are working on the prep.  Now it’s time to cook up your ingredients and prepare it for its final presentation.


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