Learning Style Quiz

Excerpt from RealSimple.com


Which side do you think with?

Take this quiz to find out.

If you’re not sure whether you’re left- or right-brained, here’s a quiz to give you an idea. Read each statement and note which ones apply to you, then consult the key.

  1. When I’m finished using an item, I put it away immediately.
  2. I love being surrounded by vibrant colors.
  3. Whether I’m looking at a work of art or a room, I tend to prefer symmetrical design.
  4. I like to move around my furniture a few times a year rather than stick with the same arrangement.
  5. I’m the go-to party planner for friends and family.
  6. Keeping current projects where I can see them is a must.
  7. I love having a designated spot for each item in my closet or drawers.
  8. On my computer, I often have multiple windows open at once.
  9. I have a specific morning routine that I always follow to a T.
  10. When making major purchases, I usually follow my instincts rather than do research.
  11. I often wear the same jewelry every day.
  12. If I have to explain directions to someone, I’ll draw her a map instead of telling her verbally.
  13. When I find a great dish at a restaurant, I order it every time I go there.
  14. I often drive with the Empty light flashing.
  15. I always bring a shopping list to the grocery store.
  16. I have a lot of knickknacks around the house.
  17. My books and CDs are in order, so I can always find what I’m looking for.
  18. My desk is filled with piles of papers, sticky notes, and business cards.
  19. I feel guilty if I don’t follow the rules while playing board games.
  20. I’m fine with other people making last-minute changes to plans.

Key: Count up the odd and even numbers you’ve circled. More odd numbers? You’re a left-brainer. More even? Welcome to the right-brain club. Equal split? You’re a mix and can benefit from organizing systems designed for either type.

So what does it all mean… 

What does this quiz tell you about your organizing habits?


You tend to crave designated locations for everything. Because you like to sort, options with compartments can be especially satisfying. Left-leaners often prefer to keep things out of sight, so boxes that stack nicely in drawers or closets are appealing. Categorizing by date or event comes naturally, and multiples of identical storage options (say, matched photo albums) feed your urge for extreme order.


Forget about trying to adhere to strict rules. Your keep-it-neat plan should capitalize on your pull toward the creative and the emotional. Containers you already own and love can be motivating. Investigate your clutter patterns: Do you drop your necklace on the bathroom counter when you’re getting ready for bed? Maybe you need a wall hook by the sink to catch jewelry. If it works for you, it’s correct.


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